This is the home of life design.

Welcome to Life Coach Architect: Life coaching style education for people who want to live consciously.

This is a site about designing your life according to your:

• Existential needs
• Criteria for satisfaction
• Life values
• Relationship needs
• Identify roles
• Goals
• Capabilities
• Belief systems
• Environment

When you take each of the above into consideration, different elements of your life architecture come into play. We’ll tackle these areas of life in a clear and simple format, so you can design your life with higher awareness and intelligence.

Don’t worry about who you’re not.

life coaching humor

Right? We need to design the lives we have, not some fantasy that involves being someone or something we’re not. To set the right direction, we should become aware of ourselves in an entirely new and honest way, letting go of social expectations and childhood beliefs.

In other words, we’re all about discovering who we are now and expanding from there. Ground yourself first, then begin to stretch.

Common distortions:

• Childhood beliefs
• Unhealthy relationships (boundaries)
• Self-sabotage (psychological attachments)
• Working out of order (like setting goals first)
• Denial – not knowing who we are
• Social expectations
• Impatience

And so on. So many things can get in our way. The solution is simple that we often imagine, however. We just need to take a deeper look. And that’s why Life Change Architect is here. We give you the tools to see.

It’s a whole new paradigm for getting what you want.