An iNLP Center Review from an Outsider’s Perspective

inlp center reviewsNote: This is a non-commercial iNLP Center review by a Life Change Architect writer. There are no affiliate links in this review. The writer is not an iNLP Center staff member or student.

Review written by Alyssa

I recently had lunch with a young friend of mine.  She’d just graduated from college and now hoped to land her dream job.

As I sat listening to her hopes and aspirations, I could not help but think of my idealistic dreams when I was her age.  She was, I thought reminiscently, a younger version of myself.

As we discussed all the future possibilities, I gave her what I believe was the best advice available.  Keep learning and growing but above all, strive to develop who you are in the world.

After parting from my friend I reflected on my own personal development over the years and what I’ve done to support my life’s narrative. Personal development is not static because we don’t live in a bubble. The world around us is in constant flux, and the best way to articulate with it is to remain aware and flexible in our development.

I like to think personal development is always on my radar, but sometimes we need a fresh set of tools to move forward, which is the basis for this iNLP Center review.

It can be difficult to find the right personal development tools with so much available to us.  I have always been open to alternative techniques that help me expand my thinking and improve my development so decided to explore neuro-linguistic programmning.

NLP is short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is an approach to communication and development that hinges on creating connections between neurological processes and language through patterned experiences and behaviors.

My research on NLP brought me to the iNLP Center, and aside from my own personal development, I discovered I could learn how to help others through NLP techniques.

inlp center reviewDiscovering the iNLP Center

Researching neuro-linguistic programming or NLP gave me results in two camps:

The first was the “NLP plug” or all the hype surrounding the practice.

The second was slightly discouraging, all the naysayers claiming the method was a hoax.

But I have done enough research over the years to be able to spot bias as well as fear of the unknown or unconventional; in other words, subjective content.

Digging a little deeper, I learned that while the hype seemed aimed at selling “magic pills.” Those against the practice of neuro-linguistic programming appeared completely closed-minded.

As someone who has benefited and developed as the result of alternative therapy – hypnotherapy to be precise – I was not ready discount the practice, nor ready to dive in head-first without more information.

As I reviewed the iNLP Center’s pages, I felt the humanity in the site, not the hype. NLP, as I suspected, is a commitment, not a magic pill, and the iNLP Center makes this very clear.

Imagine what it takes to make permanent life changes. Disrupting your behaviors and committing to a new set of actions is tough to maintain. What I discovered through the iNLP Center review is that NLP methods and techniques are designed to help you achieve your goals, reduce your stress, and develop your personal narrative organically, if you stay committed.

After feeling I was in the right place, I decided to learn more about the iNLP Center.  Mike Bundrant, who has been a certified NLP practitioner since 1993 and a now retired psychotherapist, co-founded the iNLP Center in 2011.

Mike’s bio and history tell a beautifully diverse tale of his personal journey and the choices he made along the way.  He explains that having a firm grasp of NLP and employing its techniques throughout the years better prepared him for all the changes and help him move through them successfully. Mike’s story is inspiring, and given the wide range of experiences and all of his success, feels very honest.

Mike works alongside his wife, Hope Bundrant, who is the Director as well as a co-founder of the iNLP Center. Hope has been instrumental in developing the iNLP Center personal development courses, which aim to give people the knowledge and toolset required to face challenges, prevent self-sabotage, and stay motivated.

Review of iNLP Center Accreditation

Unfortunately, we consumers are all too vulnerable to gimmicks. Sadly these gimmicks have even penetrated continuing education, but having made up my mind on the potential benefits NLP has to offer a committed mind, I thought I would look for the iNLP Center’s accreditations to confirm its legitimacy.

I was happily rewarded for my research when I learned the iNLP Center holds several accreditations, the International NLP Accreditation, International Coaching Federation, and the International Association of Professional Life Coaches.

The center also holds accreditations for marriage and family therapy in California, CAMFT, as well as the National Association of Drug and Alcohol Counselors or NADAAC.

With its extensive list of accreditations and associations, I feel confident in the iNLP Center’s legitimacy because developed course materials has been reviewed and approved by these credible third parties.

Exploring iNLP Center Programs

The course work that first attracted me was the Personal Development program, which introduces techniques to help manage stress, keep you motivated, and ultimately face challenges during life’s journey.

But if you are more interested in learning NLP techniques, there arecertificate programs for all levels.

NLP techniques can be used throughout your personal and professional life whether you are a life coach helping others or simply desire to face challenges and life more efficiently. Course work is designed for three levels of learning, including the NLP Foundation, Life Coaching Certificaiton, and NLP Trainer levels.

Each of the courses provides learners with content synopsizes, so you know what you’ll be learning before you commit. I also discovered that by bundling some of the program courses I could get the Personal Development course for free.

Since learning is online, you don’t have to be present in a physical classroom and you can learn at your own pace. You also have access to your course material at any time, which makes returning to your modules convenient long after you’ve completed your certifications and started employing the methods in your life and career.

What Others Are Saying

Just like any good researcher, I set out to find how other people perceive the course work, the center, and the staff. The testimonial and iNLP Center review page comments ranged from overwhelming praise about the coursework, the methods, the staff, and the achieved enlightenment to simple thanks and excitement.

An emerging theme among learners is how well the programs are organized, and the information presented. Many people feel comfortable navigating through the Online Learning Center, which allowed them to spend more time on what matters, learning the content.

Profound satisfaction is another theme throughout the learner testimonials that struck me, and many people confirmed my intuitive perception of the authenticity and humility of Mike and Hope Bundrant, founders of the iNLP Center.

Winding Down the iNLP Center Review

I wasn’t sure what I’d find when I first set out to learn about neuro-linguistic programming and perhaps my conclusions would be a little different had I not found the iNLP Center.

The iNLP Center empowers people to face the adventure of life by teaching them the techniques to navigate challenges effectively, but the center makes no outrageous claims. In fact, the iNLP Center explains that it takes persistence as well as knowledge to receive all the benefits of NLP.  This is a commitment, not a whim, not a magic pill, no hype here.

The iNLP Center is designed by people who want to help others. This is evident in the free content, such as the self-quizzes and extensive articles concerning personal development. One of the biggest questions we ask ourselves – sometimes daily – is: Why don’t I do what makes me happy?

The best take away from this iNLP Center review might be this: I have come to understand that the  iNLP Center believes you should be empowered to action through knowledge and provides a look into the reasons why we may be self-sabotaging our happiness with psychological attachments.

I quickly discovered that knowledge is not just locked away in the courses, only available to registered learners. The iNLP Center has a great deal to offer anyone interested in NLP and self-development.  The openness of information, principles, and practices blended with the Center’s uniquely humble, no-nonsense content set it apart from other centers and makes me eager to learn more.

How Social Needs Can Make or Break your Life Plan

Humans are social beings with social needs.

Social needs must be met in order to experience satisfaction with life beyond basic survival and perceived safety. How we meet social needs can make or break any life design.

What are social needs?

Social needs are those needs met through relationships with other people. Here’s a list of common social needs:

• Love
• Belonging
• Acceptance
• Connection
• Support
• Companionship

If your social needs are confused, life design is limited.

Designing your life should be done with social needs in mind since social needs are a vital part of any well-adjusted life. However, when social needs are distorted or confused, the life design become distorted or confused.

Social needs are one of the support pillars of a life. When the support is contorted, the roof is compromised.


This is the home of life design.

Welcome to Life Coach Architect: Life coaching style education for people who want to live consciously.

This is a site about designing your life according to your:

• Existential needs
• Criteria for satisfaction
• Life values
• Relationship needs
• Identify roles
• Goals
• Capabilities
• Belief systems
• Environment

When you take each of the above into consideration, different elements of your life architecture come into play. We’ll tackle these areas of life in a clear and simple format, so you can design your life with higher awareness and intelligence.

Don’t worry about who you’re not.

life coaching humor

Right? We need to design the lives we have, not some fantasy that involves being someone or something we’re not. To set the right direction, we should become aware of ourselves in an entirely new and honest way, letting go of social expectations and childhood beliefs.

In other words, we’re all about discovering who we are now and expanding from there. Ground yourself first, then begin to stretch.

Common distortions:

• Childhood beliefs
• Unhealthy relationships (boundaries)
• Self-sabotage (psychological attachments)
• Working out of order (like setting goals first)
• Denial – not knowing who we are
• Social expectations
• Impatience

And so on. So many things can get in our way. The solution is simple that we often imagine, however. We just need to take a deeper look. And that’s why Life Change Architect is here. We give you the tools to see.

It’s a whole new paradigm for getting what you want.