Giving Up On Finding a Woman? Good for You!

giving up on finding a woman

Dear Men,

If you’re giving up on finding a woman, you’re warming up to greater self-respect. And that self-respect has nothing to do with women. Let me ‘splain.

From a confident (and compassionate) man’s perspective, there is a right way and a wrong way to approach the opposite sex. Perhaps the first to mention it in the modern era is Sam Keen, author of the men’s bestseller Fire in the Belly.

It boils down to this: Most heterosexual men are looking for a woman to go with them on a journey when they should just go on the journey and see who they meet along the way.

Make sense? Here’s another way to say it:


  1. Find a woman
  2. Figure out a direction in life you both agree on
  3. Begin your journey together


  1. Figure out direction in life
  2. Get moving in that direction
  3. See who you meet along the way, including women

The wrong way is wrong for several reasons and if this has anything to do with why you’re giving up on finding a woman, good for you indeed! Get focused on where YOU are headed in life. As a man, there may be NO MORE IMPORTANT thing for you to figure out.

As you proceed in your individually chosen direction – toward your own goals – you will meet people along the way – people who support your direction. Statistics suggest:) that many of these people you meet along the way will be women. Other stats suggest some of these women will be single. See where this is going?

So, use your curiosity. Figure out YOURSELF before dragging someone else into your drama.