The Hardest Part of Parenting

The hardest part of parenting it’s not when your kids disobey you. It’s not watching them fail I’m picking up the pieces afterward. Parenting isn’t difficult because it takes a lot of time cost a lot of money and requires sacrifice. Parenting is difficult because ultimately your children are going to reject you. Psychologists call […]

Asking the Right Questions

Life coaches ask questions – that may be the most important part of our job. Why are questions so important? Because they spark curiosity and creative thinking. When you’re stuck, curiosity and creativity are necessary ingredients to moving out the rut. No curiosity or creativity = no new ideas. No new ideas? You stay stuck. […]

5 Clever Ways to Say No Without Being Mean

Focusing is about saying no. ~ Steve Jobs We need to learn the slow yes and the quick no. ~ Warren Buffett And there you go. People say yes too often because they believe saying no will hurt someone’s feelings or cause a backlash. And….then these yes-people tend to become resentful and passive-aggressive. Fun:) No. […]