Could unresolved grief be stopping my happiness?

Could I have unresolved grief? I pondered this thought some time ago and even wrote about it at the iNLP Center. My life was full of good health. The job that I had was I was satisfying. A network of friends that I loved was surrounding me daily. I was happy with my life! Then […]

Giving Up On Finding a Woman? Good for You!

Dear Men, If you’re giving up on finding a woman, you’re warming up to greater self-respect. And that self-respect has nothing to do with women. Let me ‘splain. From a confident (and compassionate) man’s perspective, there is a right way and a wrong way to approach the opposite sex. Perhaps the first to mention it […]

The Hardest Part of Parenting

The hardest part of parenting it’s not when your kids disobey you. It’s not watching them fail I’m picking up the pieces afterward. Parenting isn’t difficult because it takes a lot of time cost a lot of money and requires sacrifice. Parenting is difficult because ultimately your children are going to reject you. Psychologists call […]

Email Coaching for Bulimia

A client with bulimia emails: I’m bulimic and I’m totally fucked. I can’t stop.  The coach replies: A quick question: What’s your goal – is it about weight or bingeing/purging? Or something else? A comment You’re not totally fucked. A part of you believes and feels you’re totally fucked. But at least one other part […]

Asking the Right Questions

Life coaches ask questions – that may be the most important part of our job. Why are questions so important? Because they spark curiosity and creative thinking. When you’re stuck, curiosity and creativity are necessary ingredients to moving out the rut. No curiosity or creativity = no new ideas. No new ideas? You stay stuck. […]

A Biased iNLP Center Review

Here’s an iNLP Center review to inspire skepticism because it’s written by a co-founder of the school. Put on your skeptic’s hat and read on! What is the iNLP Center? The iNLP Center is an online and blended learning NLP certification and ICF accredited life coach training center. You can check out the neuro-linguistic programming and […]

I Can’t Do Anything Right

I can’t do anything right! These were the first words that came out of a recent client’s mouth at the start of a life coaching session. You can’t do what right, specifically? I was relying on my NLP training (the good ole meta-model). Well, he started a list, counting on his fingers and needing to […]

5 Clever Ways to Say No Without Being Mean

Focusing is about saying no. ~ Steve Jobs We need to learn the slow yes and the quick no. ~ Warren Buffett And there you go. People say yes too often because they believe saying no will hurt someone’s feelings or cause a backlash. And….then these yes-people tend to become resentful and passive-aggressive. Fun:) No. […]

How Social Needs Can Make or Break your Life Plan

Humans are social beings with social needs. Social needs must be met in order to experience satisfaction with life beyond basic survival and perceived safety. How we meet social needs can make or break any life design. What are social needs? Social needs are those needs met through relationships with other people. Here’s a list […]